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Wales’s natural landscape is not what it appears. Years of agricultural development and livestock management have left the country unrecognisable from what it was 300 years ago. Where lush forests once raged, sparse bushland now dominates. Where bears and wolves once roamed, fields of sheep now graze. However, something is beginning to stir… the fledging Rewilding movement seeks to change this dynamic by replanting forgotten forests and reintroducing once extinct native species back into the wild, including Beavers, Golden Eagles, Wolves… and Bears.

In this unique new experimental show in collaboration with Berlin-based temporary architecture company, Plastique Fantastique, FRANK will be performed inside a inflatable bubble in the wild forests of Wales. We explore the process of Rewilding and the effect it might have on the people and landscape of Wales. Asking the question: what does it mean to Rewild ourselves?

Frank Thomas, a real life poet and snake anti-venom factory worker, is our vessel for this journey as he examines his own relationship with nature, and how he can reconnect to it following the death of his father. What new freedoms might a return to nature bring? And what old dangers might it awake…?

In Development

FRANK is currently in development by the Collective, in partnership with Visit Wales, Natural Resources Wales, National Theatre Wales and Aberysytwyth Arts Centre, with the support of Arts Council Wales.

This will be the first collaboration for the collective with the Plastique Fantastique.

Plastique Fantastique is a platform for temporary architecture which samples the performative possibilities of urban environments. Established in Berlin in 1999, Plastique Fantastique specialises in creating pneumatic installations as alternative, adaptable, low energy spaces for temporary and ephemeral activities. Their work has been seen across Europe and the world. This will be the first time for their work to be seen in Wales, and the first time for them to create a sculpture in response to the wild landscape of Wales.

Created by Jesse Briton, Buddug James Jones, Frank Thomas, Sam Jones, Eifion Ap Cadno and Jessica Hayles.


We'd like to that the following for your ongoing support for the development of this show.

Arts Council Wales, Natural Resources Wales, Visit Wales, National Theatre Wales, Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Max Mackintosh, Articulture, Julian and MT, Grubby.

In the meantime, here's a little taster of what's to come...