In Development

                                                                                 Frank Thomas as Frank Thomas during 2015 R&D. Photograph by Jorge Lizalde.

                                                                                 Frank Thomas as Frank Thomas during 2015 R&D. Photograph by Jorge Lizalde.


FRANK is about Frank. Frank Thomas. A real-life ex-rugby-scholarship-winning bear-of-a-man. His father was a friend of the Krays and once knew a guy who kept a monkey in a box. He lives with a Scottish drug dealer and a computer hacker. His only friend is the cult 90’s American TV show Northern Exposure, a show he sometimes imagines he’s part of…

FRANK is devised by Frank Thomas and the Collective. It’s a piece inspired by the real life of Frank Thomas, the environmental concept of Rewilding and the writings of biologist George Monbiot. We’re interested in blurring the line between Franks’s real life, the way he sees the world in his own head and how the rest of us handle that. Part hymn to our generation and part blueprint for what we might do next, the show features original poems from Frank, an omnipresent relationship-advice-giving radio DJ, a creative relationship with the truth, a really good wild-beast costume, some real science, a police chase and some other stuff we haven’t thought of yet.

In Development

FRANK is currently in development by the Collective, and will be premiering in Edinburgh Fringe 2018. 

Created by Frank Thomas, David Grubb, Molly-May Thomas, Eifion Ap Cadno, Jesse Briton, Buddug James Jones, Max Mackintosh and Eloise Secker. 


We'd like to that the following for your ongoing support for the development of this show.

Arts Council Wales, National Theatre Wales, Bike Shed Theatre, Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Julian and MT, and Grubby.

In the meantime, here's a little taster of what's to come...